Mum's house is for sale.

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The agents and me are discussing the final wording for the sales blurb but it will be in her local press tomorrow and already three people have had a look. (Jungle drums beating or people that the agents know? Does it matter?) The pictures are odd but beautiful - a virtually empty house (so not how I remember it!) with beautiful parquet flooring and a stunning grand piano (I haff plens for zat!)

This feels odd. I know it's necessary but it feels peculiar. I guess that's normal? :? DD


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    One last thing before you can move on , DD , you've had a hell of a lousy few months and are managing to crawl out the other side . Here's hoping that the next few months ahead are easier to cope with ; thinking of you .
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    Yes, it will feel very strange, DD - I remember when my mum died and I had to clear her house. It's hard - the end of a chapter in your life, really.

    Look after yourself,

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    DD like jilly says one last thing then hopefully slow but sure you can move on..((()))xx
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    I hope it all goes well.

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    My thanks to you all, your support and encouragement is most welcome. I guess it is unusual but I ended up writing the blurb; I felt that estate-agent speech did not do the house justice and (probably because they will be receiving a hefty fee :) ) they agreed to use my words. :D

    Regarding moving on, well, we are. At the beginning of August 'im indoors and me went out for Sunday lunch. We passed an estate agent's window and there it was. Our perfect house. Talk about bad timing. :? I returned on the Monday for the details, saw it on the Tuesday (with the vendor) and on the Wednesday (with the agent so I could open cupboard doors etc) and then we both went to see it on the following Saturday. The vendor made us a truly appalling cup of tea, I sat in the kitchen and waited whilst she showed him around. After some negotiations it is ours. Another nightmare is beginning. But this is a rather lovely nightmare. DD
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    Oh DD after all you have been through this is great news about you finding just the home you want hope it all goes well with it and also you manage to sort your Mums house out too sending a few hugs to help you on your way. (((((()))))
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    Hi DD

    I hope all goes well for you and hubby with the house buying and house selling. We got a buyer for mum's place within 2 days of it being put on the market and it went very smoothly. The exchange date was Friday 13 September. Once her home was cleared it felt very different and I had no qualms in the end to let it go. It is a couple in their 60's that have bought it and I am sure they will be very happy there as my mum was for 37 years.

    Elna x
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    hope your ok love its a terrible time and awful thing to deal with
    Colin XXX
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    I'm glad you are starting to come out of the other end of the tunnel. Your mum's house is just the shell where life took place. You still have lots of memories of that life. They will never leave you. And you've found your own perfect house. How wonderful. I hope you will have many many more happy memories there. ((hugs))
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    Hello DD
    Good luck to you and Mr DD I wish you many happy years in your new house.
    take care
    joan xx
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    Good on you girl, I am so pleased for you and Mr DD, you deserve to have some good luck for a change, you must be so excited although don't be overdoing it. Hope the new house brings you better luck..................Marie xx