oh dear naughty turbogran and mr turbogran

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went away last week to Great Yarmouth for a week lovely journey by train and as we had booked first class seat had all the comforts and a nice quite journey. however we both had colds during the week and unfortunately we were both very naughty and didn't eat properly and ate all the wrong things and when we weighed in at slimming group this week we had both gained :roll: :roll:


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    Aww Carol ..I am sure you will be back on track very soon..so glad you had a lovely break..and I hope the cold has disappeared..just a point my late mum used to say feed a cold..or was it starve... :? you take care xx
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    You need to feed a cold Carol, glad you had a lovely time you will be back on track this week I am sure...................Marie xx
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    Thank you ladies
    Now back on track and yes it is feed a cold but mr turbo and myself are both very different when we have colds I can't stop eating and always hungry but he don't eat and is always not hungry and as we were in a b&b and had to go out for lunch and evening meal this was difficult cos oh didn't want to go out and eat so when did eat it was not the right things but although we are both still suffering the catarrh after effects of a cold we are now home and back to eating properly. and the weight gains were not drastic oh gained 1 and a half pounds despite not eating half the time I only gained half a pound much to my surprise I can only think that because I was also snacking a lot on fruit that that was why my gain was not as much as his
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    The break will have done you good, Carol. We can't all be good all the time. Some of us struggle to be good any of the time :lol:
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    Oh Dear Carol :oops:

    Well not to worry you can't be 'good' all of the time can you?

    I reckon now you are both back on the wagon it'll come of easily again for a while.


    Toni xxx