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Hello everyone. I have been reading some of the posts on these boards for a little while as well as doing some research about how I can best cope with my condition.

I am a 32 year old man with gouty arthritis. My main problem is that I am allergic to allopurinol and also experience some side effects with colchicine. Thus, I have had to rely on preventive measures and lifestyle modifications to control my condition. I used to be a heavy beer drinker and loved beans and seafood. Obviously, I have had to give up or at least drastically reduce my intake of those things.

The lifestyle changes I've made have had a positive effect not just on my disease but also on my overall well-being. However, flare ups still occur. Gout does run in my family, after all. So I guess this is really something I have to live with.

I am thankful that I was able to become a member of these boards so that I could be around people who may be more understanding and sympathetic. :)


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    Someone has posted about a cure (found on youtube) for gout but I haven't investigated it because my inner cycnic kicks in big-time when people grandly announce cures. The post in on this forum (on the 69th page of the top thread on here, and also on the Living with Arthritis board. Diet can effect some changes (as you have found) but it won't alter one's dodgy immune system. Keep up your good work and I hope you can stave off each flare for a goodly length of time. DD
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    Hello from me, too, and I hope you'll find us 'understanding and sympathetic'. I think gout is probably the cinderella of arthritises in that, although many of us have had the toe-curling 'you're too young to have arthritis (if only :roll: ) people actually fail to take gout seriously at all. I'm sure it's every bit as painful as any other kind.

    It's a bit of a bummer if you can't take the meds but you seem to be doing good work on the diet front. Keep it up!

    Do feel free to join in anywhere on any thread. We are a friendly lot and don't bite :wink:
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    Hello and welcome to the forum, my eldest brother had gout ..and like the others have said it wasn't taken that seriously...he was in agony..and had no idea it was linked to arthritis...you will get lots of support on here ...I do hope to see you posting more very soon.

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