Woah, my foot is on fire!

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Hope most of you got my witty title. :D (Hint: it's from the Kings of Len song!)

I've taken my 3rd and final loading dose of cimzia and next one will be the maintenance dose. My pain has reduced a fair bit but I'm still suffering from hot, red and angry looking joints. My left foot is always a bit more swollen than my right, so I thought nothing of it when I noticed my foot was rather inflamed the other day until, I felt a little itch that grew to be a very irritating itch. A bite? A random itch? An allergy? Nope! There is nothing to be seen except for my normal swelling but itch itch itch scratch scratch scratch. I had to pull over in the car to scratch and I sat with my shoe off during my lectures rubbing my foot to make the itching stop. I've tried various creams, ice packs and an antihistamine but it's on fiiiiiiire.

Autoimmune diseases - the gift that keeps on giving? Or perhaps something else? Either way, I must stop scratching and itching and rubbing and screeching.


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    Hope you get some relief soon. Take it easy. :)
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    I feel for you Starburst, nothing worse than itching! Hope it improves soon. I love the Kings of Leon, good job it's only your foot which is on fire! Take care. :lol:
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    Get this looked at, please, a pharmacist should be able to help. I didn't get the joke of the title (being an old woman) but I rather like your typo of the band's name. :wink: DD
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    I'm glad it's still working, Sophie, but I, too, think it should be checked out. With these complicated meds we take a rash can be more than a rash, if you get my drift. Many years ago I had to come off gold injections owing to a small, non-itchy rash. I hope it's just a transient annoyance but don't take chances with it.
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    Hope you get sorted out soon Sophie..............Marie xx

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