I wanna Strictly frock.

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I am sitting here, blissfully happy watching some lovely telly, and have just seen Rachel Riley and Pasha Thingy doing a waltz. Her frock was stunning (apart from its colour) but the swirls? The flare? The flounce? OK, so I can't move fast enough to make it do all of those things but, seriously, I want one of those frocks. In a midnight blue. With some sparkles. DD


  • barbara12
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    Aren't they all lovely to watch ...well most of them....there is something hypnotic about ballroom dancing...I want the Abbey Clancy one..it would show off my very pert bum...and my tiny waist....honest.. :lol:
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    Ill lend you one of mine
    hope you are as well as can be
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    I would look a proper pillock in one I think - far to stubby :wink:

  • barbara12
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    Thanks Colin..bet you have a wardrobe full... :lol:
    Toni you look lovely.. :D now for the dance lessons..
  • Catie
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    The costumes are always fantastic aren't they. I would look ghastly though :o
    Colin, do you have a nice blue one please....would match my eyes :lol:
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    I don't watch Strictly but used to watch Come Dancing years ago. Loved the frocks. I often see a beautiful dress and wonder if I'd be able to get the figure free if I buy the dress.
  • marrianne
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    The dress Milene/k IS WEARING re litt../w...s ..cat is over £80 THE BLUE LACE ONE and the dress in the new Estee/lauder advert is stunning to .....sadly dont have the money for one ....and the figure for the other ............Marriannex
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    Hello DD
    i'm sure you and everyone else on here look just as lovely in your clothes it's not what you wear that makes you nice that comes from our lovely parents.
    if I had a dress like that I wouldn't go out too posh for me.
    take care
    joan xx
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    Colin1 wrote:
    Ill lend you one of mine

    And I'm sure she'll lend you one of her tail suits, Colin :wink:

    Now there's a thought. Cross-dressing Strictly. The blokes in frilly dresses and the women in tight pants and scanty boleros :shock:
  • dreamdaisy
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    Thank you Colin, your reply made me laugh out loud! May I have the baby pink one that is smothered in sequins? :wink:

    Joan, you are absolutely right - it's what is inside the person that counts, not the fripperies of life. But I would still like a Strictly frock . . . . . I could do the housework with a swirl of elegance. :)

    Sticky? That is pure genius. What a cracking idea. DD
  • numptynora
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    Can you find a turquoise one Colin while you're in the wardrobe, the bare shoulder one you wore the other night will do :lol: