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Hi everyone,

I haven't posted for a long time, sorry, but do "check in" from time to time.

I have OA in feet, hands, knees, neck, and base of spine, pain in hips but no OA so was told it was referred pain from my spine - can't stand for too long.

Went to osteopath and, after looking at my back she said I have scoliosis. I've looked this up on internet and am now aware of what it is but not sure of how it will affect me, if at all. I was advised to keep exercising, which I'm happy to do.

Any advice welcome.

Thanks, Pheebs


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    I can't offer any advice on your condition but I have arthritis and can't always stand to exercise and I do Tai Chi.
    I bought a dvd for £20 off amazon called Tai Chi for Arthritis and I love it. It's real slow simple exercises that you can stand or sit to do.
    Hope that helps?

    Best wishes,
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    Thanks Chaleeh,

    I've always fancied trying Tai Chi so now is maybe the time to start!!

    I do aerobic exercise and think I'm lucky to still be able to do that, but the idea of Tai Chi as well, definitely appeals to me.

    Thanks very much.

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    Hi Pheebs
    I have OA in my ankle, hips, spine and neck.
    I also have kypho scoliosis ...that's a C shaped curve in your back and the kypho bit is a slight hump at the top of your back. Or at least mine is.
    Its been diagnosed as idiopathic {no known cause} they think I have had it for ages but it is gradually getting worse.
    Orthopaedic surgeon who did my first THR and was going to do the 2nd one 34 months later decided it might be referred pain from my back :roll:
    Back specialist decides it might be referred pain from hip to back :roll: Pain clinic say......We cant do anything for your back but we can do another THR and that MIGHT help
    Sorry I don't know if that's any help...just my story of it.

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    You have probably been dealing with this for a while now whilst not knowing what it was so maybe there won't be too much of an effect on you now. You are still able to exercise, surely that has to be a good thing but maybe take things a little more gently so you don't over-do matters. I wish you well. DD
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    Thank you Hileena and DD for your comments, much appreciated.

    I realise I'm lucky to be able to exercise, but will take it a bit easier.

    Pheebs x
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    Hello Pheebs :) It might be worth a physio taking a look and advising you accordingly. Posture is extremely important and if there are problems (which probably is the case), they should be addressed.

    Hope all goes well for you :)
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    Thanks Mr Optimist!

    I'll keep your advice in mind!

    Pheebs x

    Like your name!
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    Hi Pheebs

    I have scoliosis and exercise regularly every day and try to do 10,000 steps a day. This seems to even out beautifully over a week, some days doing well over the recommended 10,000 steps per day and sometimes less. I have recently joined a Tai Chi class. I am actually going to see a scoliosis specialist in November as I have never seen one before and I have a strong feeling that my ailments overlap. I have OA which is why I have been on this site for a long time. I shall also be seeing an osteoporosis specialist, at my request, in the near future too, having been diagnosed with OP at the beginning of this year.

    This link may be of help to you:

    To use the support forum one does have to become a member of the charity but there is information on their site which anyone can look at and a helpline.

    I noticed my scoliosis in my teens and it is only now in my early 60's that it is affecting me more. I have lost quite a lot in height which I think is due more to the scoliosis than the osteoporosis. Hence wanting to see a specialist in both fields to try to glean some information if possible as to what is going on and what to perhaps expect in the future and if there is anything else I should be doing or anything that could be done now.....

    Elna x