Ankle pain from Hip arthritis?

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I've got end stage Hip Osteoarthritis (seeing the consultant for 2nd THR assessment in a couple of weeks) and get the usual referred pain, groin pain and general aches, pains and exhaustion :)
The last couple of weeks though my ankle is absolute agony. Just around the front, as if you drew a line from bone to bone.
It doesn't feel like referred pain, neuropathic pain or missing limb phantom pain, (all of which I have in bucket loads) but as if someone were trying to saw my ankle off.
It also keeps 'giving way' when I walk.
I haven't fallen or banged it in anyway so am perplexed - has anyone else experienced this?
If so, what was it and how was it treated.
Am already on Tramadol or Co-Codomol for general pain (rotate them as become 'immune' quickly) Meloxicam (anti inflammatory) and Amitriptyline for neuropathic pain.


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    stigger I am 10 weeks post op THR..and like you had ankle kept me awake at night and walking was sometimes painful but not always..since I had my THR the pain has maybe it is referred pain..
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    I'm only guessing but I might be that you are walking slightly different because of your hip so you have pain in the ankle? :)
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    This doesn't ring any bells with me though I've had both hips replaced. Referred pain can be odd, though. When my old TKR packed in all the pain was 8n my ankle not the knee. I think it'd be best to get this checked out, stigger.
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    Thanks all; could be a new form of tormenting via referred pain, or because I'm walking differently - although with a missing right leg and osteo arthritis in the left, I walk 'differently' anyway. :)

    I think it is time to get it checked out. You know how it is, new aches every day, but when they become permanent or start rising to the top of the daily worry, it probably needs looking at.

    I'll add it to the list when I see the surgeon on the 8th, no point seeing the GP, it'll take me until then to get an appointment.

    Probably ruined cartilage in the ankle but I'm rather protective of this leg, it being the only one I've got now.

    Thanks again.

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