New treatment cuts crippling arthritis pain

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Scientists are launching a nationwide trial on how effectively the drug methotrexate relieves the agony of osteoarthritis in the knees.

they claim Methotrexate will have a lot less side effects than normal Anti-inflammatories , realy been on Mtx over 15 years but has if no side effects ?


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    Thanks for this...I wait for the day that they come up with something for the pain of many I have it in most joints now and cant take the antiinflams
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    I am on meth for my PsA and it does not touch the OA pain one jot. I don't class meth as an anti-inflammatory, an immuno-suppressant yes but the other? :? If it is the case then why are so many of us auto-immuners also taking anti-inflammatories? DD
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    I know I've seen this mentioned somewhere before. I don't understand how/if it'll work but I have come to the cynical conclusion that most drug use is hit on accidentally. Years ago I was amazed to find mt RA improved while I was on chemo. It was years after that that I was first prescribed methotrexate, originally a chemotherapy drug. I told this to my dentist who informed me that the piriton which my sons had both taken occasionally for hay fever as kids was now used mainly for kids with ADHD. Of course meth isn't without side-effects for some but, as one whose stomach was messed up totally by NSAIDS, if it works, however it works, why not?
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    A med without side effects I don't think it will ever exist. It is the holy grail search for something that decreases the arthritis symptoms and has side effects you can deal with. MTX for me improved my JRA some but I couldn't tolerate the tablets as my stomache is shot by decades of nsaids and brufen like sticky. so they put me on higher dose injections and I felt hung over for 2 days after, really not worth it without the drinking fun!
    But it does work for lots of people so I hope you get a chance to try. I seem to react badly to most things they put me on but always happy to try as sometimes you find a drug that does work and you improve and you get some of your life back- then it is all worth it and you forget all the crap you had to go through to get to this one and just enjoy it :wink:


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