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Approx 12 years ago I was diagnosed with the above, I have managed up until now with pain killers and arthroscopies. I am now due for a TKR on my right knee 29th Oct, and then my left knee at some stage in the future. I have been in terrible pain and find it very difficult to walk most days, yet for the past week I have been pain free and able to walk ok and do most things. Is this common, as I feel that maybe I should postpone my Op for now ?

Many thanks


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    Dear Christine,

    Thank you for your post to Helplines. It must be perplexing to have this knee suddenly behave itself at the eleventh hour. We can't advise you, but if you'd like to talk things over you are most welcome to ring us for an impartial chat.

    You may want to not do anything hasty, but you can talk things over with your GP or a physiotherapist while maintaining your place in the queue.

    If you have misgivings about the surgery... mixed feelings are what most people have about arthritis and different treatment options. The people I've mentioned can help you assess what's going on and if it will be likely to stay this good for long.

    Coming to an informed decision is an individual process - what's right for you won't be everone's decision, but you don't have to keep everyone happy. It's your verdict that really matters.

    Do feel free to get in touch if there's anything you'd like to talk over.

    all the best

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    Many thanks for your reply. I have a 'Pre Op assessment' this coming Monday so I will be able to go over things with the Consultant then.

    Thank you again