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Hi, when I started my job, I met with the nurse and went through my medical history. All seemed fine.

I received a letter today asking me to visit occupational health as a follow up.

I am a little concerned if this is an attempt to label me or am I just overly paranoid.

Has anyone else had problems or found them to be very useful?



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    I've seen Occy Health and found them to be useful. Take a list of your meds with you, surgeries, what you can and can't do, what you need help with, etc. They'll probably do a report and make recommendations for reasonable adjustments for your line manager to get into place for you.

    Make sure you ask to have a copy of the report two days before it gets sent to your Line Manager though. That's your chance to challenge any inaccuracies. When you get it, you do only get the two days though so you can't hang about with a response.

    Good luck with this.

    Take care,
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    Just be on your guard, they might be fine and it might be its just routine so don't worry to much, my experience with mine was the male nurse I wouldn't trust as far as I could have thrown him but the company Doctor was a really decent chap couldn't fault the guy.