Very proud Mum!

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Hi Folks,

We live in Warwickshire and we are very lucky to still have a couple of Grammar Schools in the area. As you can imagine the competition for places is very steep and a cause of many a sleepless night!

We got the results through yesterday and I am very happy to say that Sarah passed her 11+. In fact she smashed it and was ranked 4th out of 344 girls.
We are as you can imagine very proud of her achievement and Actually I'm a bit in awe of her! Obviously got her father's brains!!

Love Kate xx


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    WOW! That is tremendous news, no wonder you are so proud. I hail from a county that still has the grammar school system and I happen to think it's a good thing (a deeply old-fashioned view, I know). Well done to your girl, I hope she thrives in her new school. DD
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    Many many congratulations ,my granddaughter passed hers we are waiting to see what school she gets in . Mig
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    Thanks Dreamdaisy and Mig we are all as a family very proud. I feel as if we have won the Lottery! It is such a great school but the competition was fierce. I am a great believer in the Grammar system ( I know very old fashioned too!) but I get really wound up by the fact that 'State' schools cannot give any guidance or tutorage for the 11+ but the 'private' schools can. In the Rugby area we have a considerable amount of privately educated children just for the reason of getting through the 11+. Add to this fact that children from 4 counties can sit the exam a lot of folk like us who cannot afford private education are already at a disadvantage.

    Ellie got to the same school 10 years ago but it was totally different then. The exam was sat in her school hall and the primary school could give a few lessons on what to expect. For Sarah to sit it we had to get her photo validated by her Headteacher and she took the test in the local town hall. Some of the kids there were crying!! The stress level was huge!! One poor boy was 'cramming' papers his Dad had bought along!! Poor little chap!

    So as well as feeling elated I'm glad it's all over and Sarah can enjoy the rest of her final year at junior school and just be a 10yearold (sorry she's11 next month and on the countdown to her birthday!).

    Love Kate x
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    Well DONE Sarah!!!


    Well done Mum and Dad :)

    I am so pleased for you all.

    This was the first place I even KNEW people still took the 11+ a couple of weeks ago.


    Toni xx
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    Congratulations to Sarah I think its a lot harder these days ,lots of distractions to ,Marrianne :)
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    Brilliant news Kate...I can feel you excitement, its wonderful when our children do well...many congratulations to Sarah... :D:D
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    Well done, Sara! (And Mum :wink: )
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    Congratulations to your daughter Kate you have every right to be so proud.....................Marie xx
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    Well done Sarah on your 11+ results!! 4th out of 344, you should be super proud! And Kate you have every right to be a proud Mom!! :D
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