The Children and Families Bill – an update

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Hi I have just found out about this through Diabetes UK, my daughter is now 20 so this is not relevant to me but I am still concerned and interested in such issues:

I am bowled over by this, this explains why support for medical conditions is currently so HIT and MISS...and left to "the goodness of our hearts as support staff", and as a parent....well don't let me go there.....!!

Quotes from the Diabetes article:

"In February, when we first asked the government to include a duty on schools in the Children and Families Bill we received a response which informed us a lack of support was only an issue for a small number of parents. We knew this wasn’t true...."

"Well, we have now found out the government has listened! They plan to
introduce a legal duty on all schools to support children with diabetes and other medical conditions by September next year...."

This has to be good news.

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