Getting the heating put in yippee

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As some of you know my old boiler packed up end of sept plus other things that stopped working at the same time
At present the guys are fitting the new radiators and the boiler is in place so hopefully by the end of the day or definitely tomorrow morning we will have a warm toasty house! Yippee
Maria :)


  • barbara12
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    That is very good news Maria....just in time for winter... :D you enjoy x
  • frogmorton
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    Hoorah Maria!!!

    I am so pleased it's before the really cold weather :D

  • dreamdaisy
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    Good. Heat helps matters so start saving and eating less. :wink: Seriously, I am very pleased for you, here's to snug mornings and cosy evenings. DD
  • villier
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    Great news Maria, hope by this time you are nice cosy and snuggly x
  • numptynora
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    Excellent news now you'll be all nice and toasty when the winter bites :D
  • Boomer13
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    Just in time. Hope you are toasty warm.
  • bubbadog
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    Glad you have got heating in your house now, especially with the weather going to get colder from tomorrow onwards according to the weatherman!!
  • maria09
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    Thank you all
    Yes I'm nice and toasty
    Had to wear my fur coat indoors whilst they were working
    But now it's lovely!
    Its so quiet our other heating system used to make some right noises sounded like it had COPD!
    Maria :)
  • mig
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    Good news,this modern systems are great. Mig