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Hi all, my name is Karen I am 52 years young :o have osteoarthritis in shoulders, neck,hands, feet, knees, so for hips seem ok! I am due to have shoulder decompression surgery and clavicle resection so a little worried at the moment. looking forwards to chatting to everyone.


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    Hi and welcome pumpkin!

    Sorry, I think your post was missed so I thought I'd reply and bring it up to the fore again. I can't help with your OA problems as I am fairly mildly affected by OA in my hips and few other joints due to inflammatory arthritis, PsA.

    Hopefully, someone with an OA problem similar to yours will be along soon. In the meantime, hope you are managing OK.

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    Hi Pumpkin!

    Lovely to meet you and l love your username too :)

    Welcome to our forums! I hope you will get as much support from them as I have over the years :) Especially with you up-coming surgery.

    Do come along in and join in you will be welcomed by everyone


    Toni xx