The BBC at its Breathtaking Best.

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I am not a great one for nature or nature programmes but I have been utterly blown away by the series called The Great British Year. It's an utterly stunning combination of great photography, sensibly un-dramatic narration and it presents our wondrous country in a unique way, from top-to-bottom plus side-to-side. Maybe we take it all for granted? I cannot grasp the scale of countries such as Russia, China or America, how can people live without being able to see the sea? (Am I right in thinking that in the UK one is only about 70 miles from the nearest coastline, no matter where you live?) I think the UK is small and very beautiful. And I take it completely for granted. DD


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    Yes its much better than the tourettes afflicted so called naturalists you get on Sky and the like, why does anyone want to wrestle with something thats got more teeth than the Osmand family and the temper of Mike Tyson anyway?, I always said the crocodile hunter would get bitten or stung and sure enough he did. Theres also some idiot South African chap who plays silly beggers with snakes and he got tagged by a Cobra a few years back he soon did the team America secret signal once he got a nip, total panic for a while there, he was lucky the snake was only warning him off, oddly the fool is still breathing but he'll probably cop it sooner or later you take risks and you will pay the piper sooner or later, give me dear old David Attenborough any day.
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    Hey- what has happened to the british sense of adventure? Small wonder the empire is no more! :)
    But I agree: I would not like to live far from the sea. (Not the North Sea, though) And yes- I know some very nice places on your Island!
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    I caught the tail end (No pun intended) of this last programme and will be watching all when they are repeated. I found the photography amazing and beautiful.
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    In the light of the Saville and big pay-off scandles I found I had forgotton the beeb at its' best so I have just watched it just to see and I have to agree it is a superb hour, seems it is a series with GB winter and GB summer and GB autumn I will keep those for something to do on dark soggy Saturdays.
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    Wonderful photography..wish we could have more like relaxing to watch