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Recently the Moderators had a meeting, amongst other things considered was which swear words we could allow and which to ban. From this it quickly became clear there was no easy list to compile, words were offensive to some Mods and not others, as is probably the case on the forum.

In view of this it was decided to remove all swear words, including those using asterisks. This site may be seen by quite young children - children from 14 can post as long as their parent/carer agrees and this decision makes this a safer site for them.

Please support your Moderators in this



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    Thankyou moderator..like you say young children can join and view the post...and I think they already hear and see far to much.. :roll:
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    Young children hear too much thanks to the adults around them, and other children too; the playground has always been fertile soil for learning the naughty stuff. As for seeing too much surely the responsibility lies with their immediate parents or guardians. Parental controls exist but whether parents bother to use them or monitor their child's internet use is another matter. DD
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