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A little earlier the 'phone rang. I have an appointment for the Pain Clinic on 04/12/13, it is sited on the 9th floor of the maternity wing. Yet again DD braves new frontiers. :wink: I will see what they can tell me, I suspect I know a fair bit about (and do a fair bit with) coping with pain, thanks to the AC course I did and from being on here, but they may have a fresh take on things. We'll see, yes? I am pleased to have heard from them - that proves that I am more than my hospital number. :) DD


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    Hi DD,

    glad that your appointment has come through, is it a coincidence that the pain clinic is housed in the maternity building?? I'll be very interested in hearing how you get on.

    Keep off the gas and air! :lol:

    Take care,

    Trish xx
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    Can't help feeling that siting a Pain Clinic in an area where it will be all too obvious that modern medicine has its limits in terms of effective relief is not the most helpful thing to do! I shall make a sweeping generalisation here and say that it must have been a male(human or computer, and unacquainterd with grief - sorry pain - [doing Messiah in choir!]) responsible for that bit of building layout.
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    I don't know how many floors are involved in the MU of Ipswich Hospital but the tiresome numbers of those who abseil down it for charity would indiacte it has some height. I assure you that this will be the first and last time I set foot in that department. Talk about being out of my comfort zone! :wink: DD
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    I hope you are not offended DD, but this really made me giggle. To locate a pain clinic at the top of a building that people abseil down? You couldn't make these things up :wink::lol:

    I do wish you well for your appt. Mine was really useful (and on the ground floor!) I discovered the pain was not coming from where it had been assumed, and a solution was offered. Temporary but welcome relief.
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    I'm really glad uve heard from them DD, I'm still waiting for my appointment it's only been just under 5 months tho :roll:

    Oh dear, the irony!! :lol:

    Keep us posted?

    Xxx xxX
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    DD you had me worried there maternity...I'm so glad you have an appointment..hopefully they will be able to offer some help...x
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    Hi DD
    Glad you have an appointment
    Hope you get as much help as I did from mine.
    Not a lot of help with meds {didn't really want any} but things like being advised to go to a chronic pain meeting.....similar to arthritis care's 6 week one except they have to shove everything in in 6 weeks. This goes on as long as you need/want it. I find it very helpful and a lovely lot of people to chat to as well. Some of them have been going for 3 years.
    I also saw a psychologist and that sorted some things out and a lot of other little things.
    Good luck
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    I have the stronger pain relief and choose not to use it (it won't solve anything, I prefer to be reasonably alert and able to get on with things) but I am hopeful for some more information, maybe new coping strategies and possible links to another group of similarly-affected people. We'll see. I am used to being in pain (which I think helps, well it does me) and I fully accept that this is how things are. I wonder if they will disagree with me? :lol: DD
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    I love the idea of combining a Pain Clinic with Maternity. I wonder if this has had any effect on the birth rate in your area.

    I hope they manage to teach you a few things to help though I suspect you might also manage to teach them. I probably shouldn't write this but I do find that, in dire straits, whether induced by arthritis or childbirth, a few choice expletives do help.