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Hello, my name is Debbie, I am 37 years old, single mum and I have suffered with mild psoriasis for as long as I can remember.

3 years ago I started to suffer with joint pain, my G.P told me I had fibromyalgia, I asked to be seen by a consultant as I wasn't convinced the diagnosis was right. I was convinced it was a type of arthritis.

After many trips to and from the hospital, seeing 2 different consultants, 2 months ago I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.

I'm currently taking co-codamol and Meloxicam for pain relief. The consultant gave me the depo steriod injection in my butt about 8 weeks ago, but it clearly hasn't worked as I am in just as much pain.

Until last week I was self-employed but I have now closed my business as I am unable to work due to the amount of pain I am in.

I have been told to call welfare support for help and advice on what benefits I can claim as I am not fit to work.

I have joined this site as I am desperate for help and advice.

A friend told me to drink a small glass of cherry juice a day. I tried this but I am no longer drinking it because 1, I don't like it and 2, it didn't work.

Due to the pain I don't sleep much and I am constantly tired.

Luckily my youngest child is 11 and very independent and I have 2 teenagers who still live at home.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated x


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    Hi Debbie,

    I am so sorry that you are having such an awful time! I have Psoriasis and OA in my spine so cannot advise you but there are many caring people on this forum some of who suffer with Psa. I am a new member myself and have found lots of support here and even the odd laugh! :D .

    I'm sure it won't be long before someone comes along.

    Take care,

    Trish xx
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    Hi Debbie

    Welcome to the forums sorry you have to meet us like this. It is OA I have so can only sympathise with you as I also have a rare neurological condition I know what living with chronic is like. If you repost this on the Living with Arthritis forum you will get a better response, lovely to meet you, hope to see you around.................Marie x
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    Hello Debbie and a warm welcome from me
    I'm so sorry you have had to close your business , its rotten when in constant pain, I would certainly see someone about your finances, and I would also go back to your GP and ask to be referred to a rheumy if you have not already seen one.
    If you have anymore question post them in living with arthritis section of the forum,
    Hope to see you posting more very soon
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    Hello, I too have PsA and recently had to stop my work as a self-employed tutor for dyslexics. I am on a triple therapy which is controlling the disease to a good level but that has come far too late for any true benefit to be felt because I also have OA and fibro.

    As Viller said if you repost on that other board on here more people will see and hopefully reply - not many look in on this board. I wish you well and hope to see your name here and there around the boards. DD