'Yay'or 'yikes'!!!

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Well folks yesterday I heard from the hospital and I'm to start my Tolizumab infusions on Tuesday! Initial reaction 'Yay' :D followed sometime later by 'Yikes' :o . I'm so pleased to at last be trying something new as it's been such a long time since I felt 'in control' of Arthur but I'm also worried In case I put too much hope on it and it doesn't work!!

So advice from you lovely lot please - should it be Yay or Yikes?

Kate xx


  • frogmorton
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    I think Yay Kate :)

    I know of a few people who have had really god results with it and I hope you are another one :D

    It's good to see you posting - Je suis en France ATM getting my Vit D supplemented :wink:


    Toni xxx
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    Hi Kate, I really do wish you well with this one, from what I read there are quite a few had good results with it..
    Will be thinking about you,like you say you have a mixture of feeling at the min ...I will have everything crossed for you xx
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    Kate....all I could think of before I started mine was the thought of no more flares, when I had the first one I have to say I did feel a benefit. I don't know if it was psychological or what but when the next one went in I wondered how I'd got through the previous few years, I still on occasions get the hurty joints but nothing like before so it's a YAY and good luck from me
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    I think I'd advise to proceed happily with caution :D