1st rituximab infusion and returning to work

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hi all I had my 1st rit inf. last wednesday and still feel like i've been steamrollered. Not sure if this is normal and i should just fight it or give myself a bit of home time. Due back to work tomorrow - so indecisive! Has anyone else felt more steamrollered than usual with ra.thanks xx


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    Hello wilv. It's good to 'meet' you but I'm sorry you had to find us.

    I have RA but have never had to do the biologics as a combination of methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine do a good job for me.

    I know this is kind of a question about work but it's also, mainly, about the effects of rituximab and I think you'll get far more replies if you post on Living With Arthritis as more people look in on there. Good luck :)
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