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Did anyone see Britain on the Fiddle last night?

It only seems to be the ones involved with huge amounts of fraud that we hear about, do they concentrate on the smaller amounts as well because we never hear about them? I think we ought know, at least we would know they go after the 'small thieves'

What do you think?


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    I saw a 'small amount' :wink: of this programme. It seemed to me that the amount of time and money invested in prosecuting them possibly outweighed the amount recovered even for the bigger fraudsters. Of course it should be done anyway but I guess the little guys make bad TV.
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    Yes I watched most of it Numpty ,but honestly what a waste of recourses.The women called Bannana ...well she won the money it was there on the television ,they knew she had been claiming benefit , ....SOLVED it should have taken 5 minutes to process ,I wonder to about all the thousands of benefit cheats who continue to claim ..whilst the investigators mess around ,It was interesting though ..Marrianne :) .....Oh Breathless is on tonight :):)
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    I agree Marianne, the banana woman shouldn't have taken up so much of the resources.

    I guess you're right SW the small ones aren't so sensational.
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    Do the government not bear any responsibility for allowing a system to be brought into being that gives money away on the merest whiff of, I hesitate to say the word truth.

    We, the electorate, as always bear the brunt of political freedom to give our money away in the hope of votes on election day!