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My name is Nigel,i have Ankylosing Spondylitis.I take sulfasalazine/naproxen & other things.I'm hoping to chat with others who have the same as me & how thay manage with AS.


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    Hi and welcome Nigel;

    I have PsA and spondylitis (my spine is affected as well as peripheral joints). I am HLA B27 positive and am now waiting to find out if I need to worry about the ankylosing part too. It's very painful!

    I've just started Sulfasalazine in this last 3 weeks, having responded only in a limited way to methotrexate & hydroxychloroquine in the past 10 months.

    This waiting and trying different drugs to see what is effective is a very trying time. So far I'm not so impressed with Sulfasalazine; the side-effects are not pleasant at all.

    Hopefully, others will be along soon to welcome you and give their experiences with AS.

    Best wishes, Anna
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    Hi Nigel

    Welcome to the forums, it is OA I have so can only offer my sympathy. If you repost this on living with arthritis you will get a better response as a lot of people don't look on here, nice to meet you hope to see you around..........Marie x
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    Hi Nigel,

    Welcome to the forums. I suffer from OA , so like Marie, can only offer my sympathy. Hope someone comes along soon with some advice for you.

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    Hi Nigel

    Lovely to meet you and welcome you to our forums.

    There are lots on here who have AS and lots who have other inflammatory arthritises (sp) so plenty who can understand how things are.

    Please do come along and join us on any of the forums you will be made very welcome


    Toni xx