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Nice to join you, hope to get some useful support in the sense "it's not only me".

I have had OA in my spine and neck for at least 14 years, now I am in my 60's its got my knees, shoulders and both thumbs. I also have been diagnosed with Fibromyagia, so I am now on MST.

Two weeks ago I had keyhole surgery on my right knee. Oh I don't care, I am a widower and my late wife suffered far worse.

Stuff it, I will do what I want until I drop.



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    Go you Paul!!!

    That's the attitude keep doing what you enjoy - I am convinced it helps with pain :) .

    Sorry to hear your late-wife suffered so much :(

    I hope the keyhole surgery on your knee is a success and that you enjoy our forums. Please do join in wherever you fancy - you will be made welcome


    Toni xx
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    Hi Paul

    Welcome to the forums. You sound as though you have a great attitude, good on you it will certainly help you through living with chronic pain.

    I hope the surgery helped your knee, I get surgery on my right thumb in a couple of weeks a least it will be a bit less pain to contend with.

    Fell free to post wherever, hope to see you around..............Marie x
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you and I hope we can help with information and support. I am a little younger than you and have two forms of arthritis plus fibro too - not a good lottery to win. :wink: Determination to carry on doing what we can is key - as is knowing when to stop before we hurt ourselves futher. I am saddened to read that your late wife had a deal more to cope with but rest assured, you are no longer living alone with this malarkey because you have found us fellow-creakers-and-wincers. :) I wish you well. DD
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    Paul good for you..not the knee surgery but the do what I want ... :D and a warm welcome to the forum from me..you will not only get support but also lots of info..I hope to see you posting more very soon