I'm new and would like to talk about my TKR

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Just got back from a hospital oppointment in London I've been told I need total knee replacement I'm 46 the Dr said I was young for this opp and will look at other routes but he thinks that TKR is the way forward????


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    Hello Foxmyster

    Lovely to meet you and to welcome you to our forums :D .

    I have no personal experience of TKR, but many have on here. I suggest maybe reposting your thread onto the Living With arthritis forum and you should get lots of replies.

    I do know there are 'in between' type things they can do from physio to steroid injections to arthroscopies. I understand that at 46 you may well feel 'too young', but if the consultant thinks it's the way forward he/she will have his/her reasons.....

    If you are worried about the procedure and recovery etc this really is a great place for information and support :)


    Toni xxx
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    Surgeons don't like to do joint replacements too soon because, if they do, most people will require another at some point. I had both knees replaced when I was 35 and had a revision about 4 years ago in one. The other's still keeping going but I think that's probably because I can't overdo things owing to the RA in most of my other joints. However, I do exercise daily to keep them in good nick.

    If you have any questions about it just post on the Living With Arthritis forum where more people will see it.
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