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Scene – a main road with a busy set of traffic lights that only allow about five cars through each time.

We were car no.15ish. Suddenly, as the lights changed back to red, a man leapt out of a car in the middle of the queue, rushed to the pavement and then, slowly and carefully, steered an old lady through the stream of traffic coming up the far side. He then rushed back to his car in plenty of time to drive off when the lights changed.

He put a happy smile on a lot of faces.


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    Hi Sticky,

    my faith in the human race is restored - ish! :roll:

    Trish xx
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    Thanks for sharing that with us Sticky, that has brightened up my day :D ...............Marie xx
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    Kinder people in the world far outnumber the other sort but the trouble is the other sort make the news. We appear to be living in an increasingly selfish and thoughtless society but it doesn't have to be so. Each of us can spread a little cheer and kindness every time we are out and about, it is possible no matter how grotty we might be feeling. Three cheers for that lovely man, Sticky, his kind act has brightened a rather gloomy day. DD
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    I had to smile at this :P

    Can close my eyes and see it happening. Mig
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    How lovely of him.... :D:D
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    Aww what a sweetie :D

    Thanks for making us all smile :)


    Toni xxx