Freshly-cooked tuna can be pink in the middle . . .

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. . . . . but raw and cold? I think not. 'Im indoors and me went out for lunch (I drove :wink: ) so we went to a pub near the Felixstowe Ferry and ordered lunch. I wanted the fresh tuna steak with new potatoes and an un-dressed salad, what arrived was indeed a tuna steak but with chips and a salad smothered in goo. (Mr DD is not very good sometimes at remembering things). As he was already tucking into his liver and onions (his was delivered five minuted before mine arrived which wasn't very impressive) I started my meal.

The tuna was lovely until I reached the thickest part, along the way various bits had been pink in the middle and hot, but this small section was raw and cold. I lost my appetite for the meal I hadn't ordered and complained, politely, to the waitress when she came to clear. I was offered a free dessert as recompense so opted for the sorbet of the day - passionfruit. What arrived was mango.

I don't think I will be going back there in a hurry. He had a lovely dinner, which I am pleased about, and he is now sound asleep in front of the rugby. I am off to pour myself a beer. DD

PS Beatrice is utterly beautiful. I have driven just over 50 miles in her so far and don't feel any discomfort at all. I did bash the rear bumper on the neighbour's fence that backs on to our drive and it's slightly scratched but I now know the trick: once her snout is in I have no more room to maneouvre.


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    I hope you don't have any consequences as a result of eating the nasty, semi-raw tuna :shock:


    I am very pleased to hear how very well you and Beatrice are bonding together. She will have forgiven you her sore bumper I am sure and am glad she is so comfy :D


    Toni xxx
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    DD that is awful..I would have asked for the price of the meal not a free sweet...the cheek of them... :roll:
    Im sure a small scratch wont bother Beatrice...glad she is comfy..
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    It does put you off when your meal is wrong, raw and cold! I must admit I would have got the waitress over when I realised the meal was wrong! But it does rub salt in the wound finding your OH eating away, making yum noises with the correct meal! And when your 'free' apologetic pudding turns up and is wrong! Well that would take the biscuit, I would have wanted our meals free! And would have crossed that restaurant off the 'goto' list. But that's me, they don't call me 'pocket rocket' for nothing!!
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    How are you feeling today, DD? I hope the tuna-plus-sushi didn't have any after-effects.
    I hate it when stuff goes wrong in a restaurant. I'm the world's slowest eater to start with so having to wait for something to be rectified would turn a pleasant lunch into a long, boring afternoon, probably with Mr SW asleep in his coffee.
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    I am pleased to report that I have no ill-effects whatsoever, and yes, those of you who commented on what should have been offered as compensation were spot on, but I was tired, things were a tad tetchy between us and, TBH, I couldn't be bothered to create. Things go wrong, mistakes do happen - you know even I make the odd one or two every now and again. :wink: DD