What are your...........

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.............favourite things about Christmas.

Having spent the last couple of weeks rushing about doing the things I hate about Christmas, shopping, wrapping pressies, writing cards, it got me thinking what are the things I love about Christmas.

The beaming smiles on little faces.

The air of excitement

Being with family

Over eating :oops:

Over indulging on vino :D

Playing silly games

And of course Santa Claus :wink:

What are your favourite things at Christmas xx


  • stickywicket
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    Oooh Marie, that's a good one Right

    1. The first glass of mulled wine after the first really cold walk. (I've just done it and I'm now drinking it. Wow!

    2. Attending a good carol service (Preferably with a glass of sherry and a mince pie on offer).

    3. Listening to Carols from Kings on the radio while doing stuff in the kitchen.

    4. Midnight Mass.

    5. The glass of whisky after Midnight Mass.

    6. Getting together with the family, some of which is by skype. Everyone ribbing everyone else about past idiocies.

    7. Going for a frosty (hopefully) Boxing Day walk followed by another glass of mulled wine.
  • dreamdaisy
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    The lights everywhere.

    My Christmas tree (which probably won't see the light of day this year).

    The Christmas Eve service from King's.

    Mr DD's Christmas lunch.

  • barbara12
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    My son cooking Christmas dinner
    The Christmas lights everywhere..its a tradition for us to ride round the town looking for the best ones
    My Christmas tree all lit up at night...
    The excitement in my GC... :D
  • mig
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    I'm excited about this Christmas as we are all going to be together at my sons as well as it being the first time we have been away at Christmas it's my hubbies 70th birthday on Christmas Day .Our children have something special planned but won't tell me as its our Christmas present as well. Mig
  • stickywicket
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    Oh mig, how lovely for you all! You'll have a brilliant Christmas and well-deserved too.

    Marie, I'm afraid my 'proper' post is in detention. I forgot and used the 'k' word :roll: :oops:
  • Colin1
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    world piece
    the home
    the children
    the people who have lost all in the far east
    the young girl just give her stem sells
    those that have suffered loss or are ill
  • applerose
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    Buying the gifts for the children.
    Spending time with my family while they open their presents and then sitting round the table together for our Xmas dinner.
    Sitting in the evening on Xmas Day with only the Xmas tree lights on and a few candles and just watching the tree and my lit up winter village.
    Mulled wine and Baileys (not together) with mince pies.
  • villier
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    Awe mig that's lovely what an extra special Christmas you will have, no wonder you are excited, I wonder what the kids have got planned for you both..............Marie xx

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