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I am canceling next week and I'm taking myself off to Cambridge to see my sister for a week, I'm so fed up with always being there for others when they haven't got anything better to do, it's as if I'm always the spare, but if I need someone they're always busy.

I have two sons, one lives a few miles away and I only see him and his family on the odd occasion, it was his sons birthday yesterday! My other son lives the other side of town so not far, he works away a lot so I don't see him too often but, at least he remembers I'm still alive, He will ring me all out of the blue to make sure I'm ok and his partner pops in to check on me, his sons are always checking on me and will do any jobs I can't do my self.

I made the mistake once of asking my other son 'did he still have my number'?, to which he said 'yes mother, the same as you have mine, you can always ring me'. But when I do he always cuts me short because he's 'busy at work'

Sorry for the moan I just had to get it out.


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    Awe numps sorry to hear you are down in the dumps, but, good for you have a lovely time with your sister, hope you feel better after your time away...............Marie x
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    Aww numps don't apologise for the will do you good to talk and get it all out...good for you having a week at your sisters,,maybe you could extend have a lovely time ..(((()))xx
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    Good for you - there is nothing wrong with putting your needs first for a change. I hope you have a lovely time; Cambridge is a lovely city, we go there once in a while for a week-end away. Take care. DD
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    I hope you have a lovely time. I feel taken for granted too at times and I'm certain it will get worse as I get older.

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    Thank you for your replies, I took me into town this morning and did a bit of shopping, stuff I really needed :roll:

    I think the button in my brain had stopped working (you know the one, it's the one that starts the calculator working) when I got to the check out my face must have said it all.........hey ho, have to spend the day cleaning in the corners tomorrow before my lady comes to look after the cats on Sunday.
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    Sounds a bit like my two. Daughter did a flit 2 months ago, sent an email about 3 weeks ago asking if I'd got her change of address card. I said no, and have heard nothing since. I've decided to leave her to it - she doesn't reply if I text or email and if I need to contact her urgently I have her boyfriend's number - and take the view that no news is good news.
    Son has always been willing to chat, and often phones or emails, and since baby arrived DIL is also in contact frequently.
    It's some comfort to hear that the only way my ex knows that daughter is alright is via her faceoff page - he's not impressed which is quite something coming from him! I don't do that social media stuff but son and youngest sister pass on snippets sometimes.
    You have a good time in Cambridge Numpty, I hope the weather isn't too bracing - northerly winds across the flatlands can be a bit of a challenge.
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    You are quite right to put yourself first sometimes.

    I hope you have a lovely lovely time with your sister, nothing like a sister is there?

    Let them ring YOU and find you're not there eh? ;)

    Hope the cats have a good time with your cat lady :)

    (Daffy I can't believe you still haven't heard form that daughter!!!)

    Love and ((()))

    Toni xxx
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    I hope you had a safe journey Numps..and having some good girly time with your sister..xx

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