I'm feeling humbled

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We were walking past all the other supermarket checkouts having paid and bagged. I was aware that an old man parked just in front of the checkout while his carer(?) loaded her bags, had said 'hello' but I presumed it was to someone else. Then he said it again. And again. And I realised he just wanted someone, anyone to say hello back. So I walked back. He was old, maybe with Downs, clearly with learning difficulties and hardly any teeth. I said 'hello' and his whole face lit up as he held his hand out to shake mine.

That was it. I was left thinking how little it had taken to make him happy whereas I had planned an outing to the German Christkindlmarkt involving present-buying and some mulled wine and something nice to eat followed by an evening with friends. I would be distinctly miffed to miss out on any aspect of this but all he required was a single word.

Hm. He made me think.
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    That has made me think too. You realised that this greeting was for you and responded - I wonder how many would carry on walking?

    Yesterday I was very moved by the picture (and account) of the hug that Pope Francis gave to a very disfigured man, a man who spends his life being shunned because he looks so very different to everyone around him. That too was humbling. DD
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    Yes, it does make you think Sticky and good on you for going back when you realised it was you he had spoken to, as DD says how many people would have passed him by and not spoken, you probably made his day bless xx
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    hi stickywicket
    I had a uncle who was backward, and so so frendly with everyone those who knew him always spoke to him and give presants at xmas he loved it.
    whenever he saw someone he would put his hand out and say hello and speak for ages to those who wanted he was fun in his own ways and loved by all who knew him.
    well done sticky for just saying hello to him you have made someone very happy.
    i to will always speak to people not as fortunate as me.
    anouther good deed done for xmas.
    mike26 :P xx
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    How nice SW bet you got has much out of that has he did....a lesson to be learned here...
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    I have spent most of my working life with less able people and I truly belive that my life is so much better for it. A few weeks ago I had to wait at a bus stop, a lot of people were standing, a man sat alone in the sun at the end of quite a big bench I sat down at the other end and had a really good conversation and laughed a lot with the man, he was homeless and carried all his worldly goods with him in a scruffy old bag. He said not many people even pass the time of day with him. That is their loss he certainly brightend my day :)
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    Im attending Woodlands and found it to be not my cup of tea but I must stress many are happy to be there. I found the residents don't speak much or interact with each other and I being rather social get a little bored to say the least. A few weeks ago I dressed as superman drove my wheelchair at full speed into the centre of the group and accused a woman with a brain tumour of having the hots for me, What fun we had that day