Has anyone got experience of illhealth retirement from NHS

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I am currently on long term sick and cannot not see me ever getting back to my role in the NHS and to be honest i am not sure I would want to (too much sitting down and too stressful!). Over the past few years I have reduced from full time to 4 days and then 2 days and cannot manage that. I work quite a distance so shorter days not an option. My manager has modified as much as they can but suggested Ill health retirement.
The problem is Occ Health are not supporting the application as they say I need to show that I have exhausted all treatments and will not improve. unfortunately diagnosis took a long time and was only confirmed at the start of the summer despite being there for nearly 3 years (GP was obstructive in referring me!).
I am finding it very frustrating as I have only tried one DMARD so far and that has made things worse so I expect I will need to try another etc and that is all going to take so long. I have been off for six months so far and would love to settle it all so I can work on acceptance and getting on with the rest of my life. I am reluctant to just leave as I am quite senior and have a good salary. the perfect outcome would be to get a little pension that lets me get an easier job without worrying about income.
I am aslo concerned that they could terminate my contract at any point if I am not fit to work.
Has anyone experienced the process before exhausting all treatments etc. I would appreciate any advice or tips.
Thank you


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    Yes I have I got ill health retirement in March this year
    It was a long and stressful time as I had no support from my ward manager she just wanted to get rid of me!
    Fortunately I had the support of my Occ health Doctor, my GP and my orthopaedic consultant
    The process is quite time consuming with collecting all the evidence to support my case my file was huge! Every letter from all my meetings with my manager and HR dept my written warning for sickness at 3.9% my risk assessment from HR and boss and anything else I could think of went in it!
    If I had not got my ill health retirement my contract would have been terminated end of Jan luckily I handed my notice in mid jan
    A lovely feeling as I had struggled with work for the last 10 years with the last 4 extremely difficult.
    Out of the 4 nurses who were going through this process only 2 of us were successful the other 2 had their contract terminated and I just wondered if that had anything to do with the fact my friend and I were the first to apply or am I just cynical!
    I would also get your union rep involved if you haven't all ready
    I got tier 1 which in the NHS means you can't do your own job but would be able to perform some sort of work
    PM me if you think I can help
    Keep strong and keep fighting
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    Hi Firestar
    Your working history sounds just like mine
    I went from 3 days to 2 and could not work,shorter shifts as I worked 45 mins away from home
    I have relied to,your pm
    Take care
    Keep strong and don't let them get you down