Happy Birthday Wonky!

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I haven't seen your name on here in an age (and you are missed) but I spotted that today is your birthday. I hope you are enjoying your day despite your arthritis and that all is as well as possible in the Wonkylegs' household, especially with Littlelegs. DD


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    I hope you have a lovely day,
    Best wishes,
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    Happy Birthday from me, too, Wonky. I hope you're having a good day.
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    Happy birthday ,hope you have a great day. Mig
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    oops I missed this and put another birthday thread on..
    Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY..hope you have a lovely day..xx
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    Hope you have had a lovely day wonky many happy returns xx
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    hello there DD, Numpty, Bubbadog, Sticky, Mig, Barbara, Villier and all those who remember me :D

    thank you SO much for remembering and thinking about me.

    Today has been a lovely day - hubby treated us to a 3 course 'Christmas' lunch at the local garden centre (complete with crackers and paper hats :lol: ) which was really stunningly yummy! I've just been online to spend some of my birthday dosh on crafting goodies .... and thought I'd pop on to say hello. It's been a while since I posted, but I have been looking in from time to time.

    Life sort of got out of control here ..... and we've been gradually crawling back towards the light at the end of the tunnel. In short, Arthur invited his cousin Fibro to the party :roll: the docs switched round lots of meds (now finally on Tocillizumab which is working :D ) added in yet more, and after a fight or three I got my BB, DLA & ESA. Extensive physio, along with various crutches, a wheelchair, mobility scooter and rise-recliner chair have begun to give me some kind of life back, so that light at the end of the tunnel was getting nearer all the time.

    Then ... hubby fell ill ..... was made redundant at the end of 2012 .... and my carer became the cared for ...... hmmm ...... didn't see that one coming! He is on the mend now, but it all takes time and lots of support.

    Then ... littlelegs (our dog) began to develop more serious problems which were put down again to arthur :x but in the past 3 weeks has deteriorated rapidly. On Monday we were fearing the worst - she had no use of her back legs - but treatment with steroids is helping, and although her neurological symptoms can only be controlled, not treated, for a little while longer at least we have our lovely girl to cuddle and love.

    So - not a lot going on here :roll: but for today at least we are not worrying and trying to take each day as it comes.

    I'll look in as and when I can, and really appreciate that people have been thinking about me, despite my going awol, and thank you very much.

    hugs (yes, those special Wonky ones) to you all
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    Wow. I was so not expecting a reply from the Birthday Girl herself.

    HELLO! :D It is so good to see your name on here again and thank you for looking in. I am pleased to read that things are improving for you, saddened by your husband's situation and upset for ittlelegs but surely we all know that nothing in life is permanent (although the rubbishy bits tend to hang around for longer than necessary). I wish you well; you may be gone but you are not forgotten. DD

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