Hi all im a newbie :)

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Hi everyone!

Im a 34 year old female & very new 2 all this. Following months of pain in my hands, wrist & feet my GP is almost certain i have RA & i have my 1st appointment with a rheumatoligist next wed. :shock:

What should i expect? I was taking Naproxen for the pain but wasnt helping much so iv been given diclofenac to try.



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    Welcome to the forums, as it is OA I have I can't advise you, if you repost this on Living With Arthritis you will get a better response as a lot of people don't come on here. Lovely to meet you hope to see you around................Marie x
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    Thanks Marie x
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    Hi there and welcome from me too. I do have RA but no way can I remember back to my first rheumatology appointment and, in any case, it'll have changed beyond recognition now :lol:

    Marie's right. Try re-posting on the Living With Arthritis forum. I'm sure you'll get plenty of replies :)
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    Hello and welcome to the forum..arthritis is such a complex thing has I found out when I joined this forum..I do wish you well with your appointment..I always say make sure you take a list of anything you think may be relevant...pain swellings rashes..good luck I hope you get some answers
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    Hellooo Hellooo :)

    Very pleased to meet you.

    They will do bloods again usually a physical exam of joints take history and maybe Xrays usually a chest one and maybe hands???

    ake sure you ive the history fully not forgetting 'odd' symptoms like maybe exhaustion/high temp etc


    Toni xxx