Ahoy hoy!

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I'm Jen. 25 year old and long term pain suffer of yonder knees.

Came on here looking for help as I've never been given an official diagnosis of RA, but GP has said I most likely have it due to symptoms and family history.



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    Hi Jen

    Very pleased to meet you, this is a great forum although no one here are doctors there is a vast abundance of knowledge, I have OA so can't really help with your RA questions, but, I can offer plenty of support and sympathy. If there is anything you want to ask post on Living With Arthritis where most people hang around there is also chit-chat where we have a laugh and have general topics. It is lovely to meet you hope to see you around.............Marie xx
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    Hello Jen and welcome from me too. If your GP thinks you might have RA he really ought to refer you to a rheumatologist. Only they can prescribe the meds you need. Please ask for a referral and let us know how you get on.
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    Hello Jen and a warm welcome from me..
    You will get lots of info and support on the forum ...and look forward to seeing you posting more..
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    I like the Ahoy hoy! (very Montgomery Burns :wink: ) It is lovely to meet you but I am sorry you have had to find us. Given that RA appears to run in your family then yes, your GP should be referring you to a rheumatologist ASAP. GPs know a little about a lot but rheumos know a lot about a little. I have another version of auto-immune arthritis (psoriatic) plus OA and fibro - from my view the sooner you get the help the better the results / outcome can be for you. Please let us know how you get on, yes? I wish you well. DD
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    Ahoy there Jen from me too :)

    Welcome to our forums. I hope you will find them as supportive as I have over the years


    Toni xx