Regular scans of arthritic joints?

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Those involved in my treatment/care have been quite forthcoming in suggesting scans to see what's going on in certain joints. It's not in all my joints but certain joints that have particularly bad RA symptoms.

I have wondered if it's my my rheum's way of trying to convince me it's not RA causing the pain in X joint and she usually has the grin wiped off her face when it is....but there we go! :lol: We don't have the best of relationships and I find her quite dismissive because a.) my bloods are often normal and b.) my hands are only very mildly affected. That said, the rheum physio disagrees with her and has requested a scan of two herself, so maybe I'm overthinking things.

I would be interested to hear other people's experiences please and thank you.


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    It's a tricky one, methinks, on a couple of fronts. Our troubles are hidden in some ways (whilst being apparent in others) so this may be her way of keeping herself informed about what is happening with you - hopefully she is learning from the fact that you repeatedly appear to prove her wrong. :wink: My view is that my rheumatologist is great at the theory but I am the one dealing with the reality (which she does her best to understand). I have not had a joint scan for a few years now, or an Xray since April 2011, but I feel secure in that if I request one it will be granted. I know that things are deteriorating, I don't need the proof but if the medicos do then so be it. My recent CT scan was not arthriits-based.

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    I think each Rheumy has their own ideas mine never scans unless he feels its necessary and he says he knows exactly what's happening with my joints so no point wasting my time and their money!
    I would love to have a scan of my whole skeletal system just to see how damaged my joints are but he says no
    I've had X-rays of my feet as they are both really painful and had surgery twice on my left foot even though my right foot is more arthritic the pain was worse on my left so my Orthopaedic surgeon said we treat the one causing the mist pain and not on how arthritic the other one is
    Best wishes
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    I had an awful experience with a Rheumy and it was my first one..he was in an hurry and annoyed at having another patient when he thought he had done..I suppose we cam be lucky and get a good one...many do..but if you don't have a good relationship can you not ask for a referral to another one...just one thing ..its not always safe to over do scans and this might be her idea..
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    In all my arthritic years I've had tons of X-rays, a CT followed by an MRI when I broke a hip but that's it. This may well be because I was way past scans before they were invented :roll: Sorry I can't help, Sophie.
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    I havn't had a scan. But the rheumatolgist said we will if we need to. Huh? Told him I hurt all over so I will see what he does from now on. Seems all the rheums are different.
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    maria09 wrote:
    mine says he knows exactly what's happening with my joints so no point wasting my time and their money!

    I suppose this is the key point really. Mine seems to have no idea what's going on! To be fair to her; my feet, ankles, jaw, shoulder and hip are the most affected joints and they are notoriously difficult to diagnose based on examination due to being so deeply buried unlike the hands. Perhaps that's why my clinic are so scan happy....?
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    Mine don't do scans of joints. I know this because when I had a transabdominal scan 6 months ago I asked the young radiographer If she ever scans joints. She said she had no training for this and, as far as she is aware no one of her colleagues down in the big hospital where she trained does either. If I was offered the chance to be scanned I'd take it because it is supposed to be a more efficient way of assessing inflammation. It is frustrating if you are the kind of person who rarely shows inflammation and aren't examined by an expert too often. I know that EULAR recommend ultrasound and MRI as the most thorough way to assess inflammation now. Mat x
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    I've totally lost count of the amount of x-Rays, M.R.I and CAT scans I've had on my joints!! Lets put it this way I'm pretty sure it's higher than 20!