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Hi guys it has been a while since I was last on here. To those of you that still remember me I hope you are keeping as well as you can

I'm in the throes of a flare and finding the sheer level of fatigue a bit difficult at the mo to handle. I was looking for a bit of advice really as with this latest flare I am experiencing pain and soreness in muscles and other soft tissue that I've not had it before. It looks like I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome too. I just wondered if other people with RA have this type of symptom too, is it all part and parcel of the disease or something else?

I had a Rheumo appt today where I was at the hospital for 3 hours due to them being short staffed. The young dr I saw was very enthusiastic but couldn't really answer my questions other than to say RA affects all parts of the body. I did have a steroid jab so am hoping to feel better soon.

I'm looking forward to making contact again with old friends from here and maybe making some new ones too.

Love and hugs, Brenda xx


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    Hello Brenda of course I remember you....I am so sorry you are struggling..but glad you have found your way back to us....and hope you get some relief from that jab...xx
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    Hello again, Mummyb. It's nice to see you back but sorry things aren't behaving. I can't help on the 'varied aches and pains' bit. I'd added OA to my RA for years without distinguishing between the two :roll:
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    Hello, it's nice to hear from you bu I am sorry you need us again. I've added both OA and fibromyalgia to my woes - your muscle aches and pains sound reminiscent of the latter to me but I am not a doc. I also had a double carpal tunnel operation on 23.11.12 which rendered me useless for a fortnight or so. That is completely better but the OA in my wrists is beginning to be more of a nuisance. You win some, you lose some, yes? DD
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    Hi DD, sticky and Barbara how lovely to hear from you all and thank you for your kind words.

    Not sure if it's coincidence but I felt a little bit better this morning, maybe just the thought of the jab who knows!

    It's reassuring that old friends are still here, there have been many times I have wanted to come back for support and I'm so glad I did this time. You guys were so lovely to me when I first had my diagnosis and now 3 1/2 years on it is so good to know you are all still here.

    I too have OA as well as RA in my knees which is a bit off cos when the Rheumo drugs work I still have pain in my knees. Still as you say DD you win some etc .....

    It's good to be back, thanks for the welcome xx
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    welcome back mummyb. ive also just returned to the site after being away for a while.

    im an OA, RA and fibro sufferer and often get numb fingers and toes, pins and needles and such horrible aches. i get cramps mainly from the fibro and my memory and balance are completely shot.

    sorry to hear youre going through a flare. i seem to be in a permanent flare the moment. i do sympathise completely.

    hope you're not suffering too much for too long x
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    Hi mummyb, glad you've come back to us, how could I forget a name like 'mummyb'! The change in weather to cold and icy has started to niggle at my joints at the moment, sorry your suffering with a bad flare at the moment. Being on here means you get support when your feeling down or have a flare so you did the right thing coming back. Look forward to reading your posts again. Welcome back!