MTX injections - ADVICE?!?

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Today I got the go ahead from my Rheumy to start MTX injections, as the tablets were making me really nauseous and tired....although it's hard to tell the difference between fatigue of RA and tiredness of MTX :roll:

Just wondering if anyone takes MTX by injection and can give me any advice....anything else that helps? Is there any sickness? My Rheumy said it is a stronger version of MTX if you have the injections.....?

Hope you are all well :)

Gem X

(p.s. I do now also have RA in my jaw, too :( )


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    There are quite a few on here who do meth by injection, including me. It's straightforward, I prefer to use my stomach area because that has fewer nerve endings. I have no bother from side effects apart from the occasional bout of tiredness a couple of days after and yes, the dose is stronger because the digestive system is by-passed. DD
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    I am on injected methotrexate and have no problems but neither do I think I get much benefit from it! I rotate where I do the injection each week.

    I loads of side effects from the tablet version but other than a bit of additional tiredness, the injectable format is good. Now if you get me on to the delivery service which brings the injections to me then you will get a rant about the inefficiencies and down right terrible service - gives me far more stress than the injections themselves!
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    I'm on Metoject have been since end of August by middle of October it seemed to kick in and I'm walking better the pain is still there but not as bad and I'm now cutting down on my tramadol
    I suffer from no side effects but didn't when on oral methotrexate
    I hope it starts working for you soon