Only one argument

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Well so far, I've only had one argument on my way up to Cambridge, the silly lady on the sat nav kept shouting at me because I missed a turning on a roundabout, so that's not bad. Sis and I went to Peterborough yesterday and 'the lady' didn't shout once!!!

All in all, we're having a lovely time, can't believe the week has almost gone.
Numps x
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    I am so pleased that your week is going well but I confess to being a complete Luddite. Sat navs? Why? There are wondrous things called maps and signposts, yes they are old-fashioned but they work, without shouting in an irritating manner. :wink: DD
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    That's very good news, Numps, and I'm so pleased for you. I find it often happens that our worst fears don't happen. Sometimes the best times are those for which we have no high expectations. Keep going :D
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    Well Numps

    that satnav woman deserves to be shouted at!!! So if that's been your only altercation I reckon you are doing fine :)

    Good to hear you and your Sis are having a lovely time....time 'flying' proves it ;)


    Toni xxx
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    Numps I recon that is good should hear my OH shouting at ours... :lol: I am glad you are having a good time..I know you really needed this carry on enjoying..x
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    We have named our sat nav Betsy and she does get quite annoyed with us is we ignore her especially when she wants us to do a u turn! I'm sure she gets louder and louder the longer we ignore her and as for recalculating recalculating I could easily throw her out of the window!
    I'm sure they are the cause of some accidents as drivers are too busy listening to the sat nav than concentrating on the road
    I'm glad you had a safe journey