Have you changed your GP?

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Mine are great but I'm worried about an elderly friend who is currently with a different practice that really messed up another friend of mine.

The guy I'm concerned about has had severe headaches and dizzy spells for weeks and his wife found him on the floor a couple of days ago. He doesn't drink and has no recollection how he got there. He'd have liked a brain scan but his GP felt his neck and said it was 'just arthritis'. :shock:

I've suggested before that he changed to our practice but he doesn't take changes in his stride and I don't think he will unless I can explain exactly how easy it is. And I've no idea how easy or difficult it is. Can anyone help?


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    Hi SW
    The first thing to check is that your practice are taking on new NHS patients
    All you need then is your health card a little white one that has your own health number on and your current GP take it along to new practice fill in a few forms and it's done
    Saying all this it was 15 years since I changed GPs I first went to my parents practice who said they were not taking any NHS patients so walked 6 shops down found my GPs and rest is history
    I'm so glad I did as my practice is fantastic only 4 doctors and most of the time I get to see the same GP my parents on the other hand have 14 gps and never see the same one twice
    I was just checking my appointment on Practice website and found you can join on line just wondered if that would be an option for your friend
    I hope he gets sorted soon
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    It's easy to change your gp. I didn't even take my national health card with me. It was the best thing I ever did as the last lost were dreadful.
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    My new GP did all the work for me, but like someone else has said make sure they are taking on before you say anything to your friend..I hope they do take him on ..how scary for them..
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    Thank you, Maria, Salamander and Barbara. I have noted what you say and checked online that our practice is, indeed, taking on new patients. I don't think F is wiling to go down that route yet, though. I spoke to him again this afternoon. He's been referred for a 24 hr heart monitor test next week (He does have heart problems) and seems to be happy with that for now. At least I now have the relevant info thanks to you all.
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    My mum changed recently after lots of "encouragement" from us, her previous doctors were a shambles! Happily the new practise are well on top of her varied ailments and she is so pleased that she changed. I hope your friend finds the courage to make the move .

    Deb xx
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    Hi Sticky

    If it is a practice with more than one GP couldn't he see another GP in the same practice? I did this, not because I was dissatisfied with my GP but I could not see him for about two weeks. The GP I saw was an absolute gem. I sent her a thank you email via her secretary and also letting her know that the consultant who had received the referral letter about me from her mentioned a couple of time how informative it was along with enclosures of my MRI report. I received a letter through the post from this GP thanking me and saying how it had been appreciated.

    Elna x
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    Thanks, Deb & Elna.

    He could see a different one but the whole practice seems to be a shambles. Their appointment system is chaotic and not suitable for sick people :roll:

    I doubt he will change but at least I now know to guide him through the process if he does thanks to you lot.
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    I've thought about changing my GP too, the doctor I try to see is hardly ever their and the others are overwhelmed by my list of complaints, one said there was to much going on for him to assess and would make an appointment for me with my regular GP, but it was two weeks wait. I didn't realise it was this easy to change to a different surgery, thanks for the helpful replies in this thread.

    Fingers crossed for your friend sticky.
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    I changed from my old practice to the G.P I'm with now, and it was the best thing I ever did! It will give your gentleman the chance of a second opinion and hopefully the proper help he needs.
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    It's easy to change if the new practice is taking on patients. If not, it's sometimes still possible. I managed it many years ago - the practice I went to when I lived in rural North Wales was awful, and the only other one close by wasn't taking anyone who was officially out of area. I wrote a 4-page letter to the new practice, being careful not to criticise anyone, but explaining that due to some 'unfortunate' occurrences which were 'of course no-one's fault' I now had a severe phobia about that first practice and effectively had no GP to whom I could turn. After a meeting, they took me on. Always worth a try!