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Hello recently I brought some new footwear.I decided to try the trainer type that go above your ankles I think my daughter calls them hightops lol.They looked really warm and comfy with the cold weather approaching fast I thought they would be great,how wrong I was.Just over a week ago I wore them for the first time when I went for my ATOS Medical.I did minimal walking but within an hour my feet had never hurt so much EVER.I have not wore them since and it took me a week to recover with my feet as my heels hurt so much I struggled to walk for the week.I didn't want to waste my money so I thought maybe getting some insoles would help as I am off away for 3 days next Wednesday as my son wanted to treat me after the awful holiday I had in the summer.I just ordered some of the Memory Foam insoles on Amazon but now after reading about them I am wondering if I made a mistake with these insoles.Does anyone have any experience with these insoles?Are they any good?Can anyone recommend what insoles are the best to use for comfort and support?


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    Hello again :) Sorry I can't help. I can only wear surgical shoes. I hope someone else can.
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    Commercial insoles are too generic - one size will not fit all feet which match that size. When you get new shoes break them in a little at a time, that way your feet have time to adjust. If you need insoles then try to get the ones that are shaped, i.e. with a raised instep, this is what the expensive trainers have in them - cheap shoes will always be flat inside. DD
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    what a shame. I bought a new pair of trainers in September. They felt so comfortable in the shop but as soon as I wore them out and about they made my feet hurt terribly.
    I do have ankle problems and I visit the orthotic department on a regular basis. She gives me insoles so i have no need to buy them elsewhere. They are much more sturdy and purpose built-like DD says .the others are one size fits all.
    I've never used the memory foam ones. it might be worth a try though rather than waste the cost of the shoes.

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    Good morning. I have tried almost all the insoles, memory foam, gel etc etc but I now get mine made from NHS Orthotic department. You have to get referral from gp but they really work. I wear them in all my shoes and boots (I only buy shoes and boots which have removable insoles so that mine fit.) These have a raised part in them. These I have had for 2 years and I make the mistake of not wearing them so much in the summer and paid for it. I have been suffering for 4 weeks now but flare is easing off and I definitely found by wearing the insoles around the house helps. I put them in a pair of H..... leather slip on trainer style and wear them all day until I shower and put on PJs only then do I wear cosy slippers. Please give it try and speak to gp. Good luck
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    sorry I cant help you but see the others have given you some advice.........good luck..........marie x
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    Thankyou all I will see what are about to help if still have any problems I will speak to my GP.
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    My feet have always been funny, I once went shopping for shoes and tried on 70 pairs and my feet did not like any. I have now discovered Hotter and my feet love them - just the 'sensible' styles mind. They are @ £70 but seem to have 3 for 2 sales at the moment.