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That I have never forgotten my friends on the Arthritis forum. It has been a very long time since I wrote, I hope some of you remember me. There have and still are some difficult family health problems, along with my own health issues that have taken up just about all of our time and continue to do so.

Sometimes in life you just wonder if you are actually dreaming and one day you will wake up and the bad things that happen to loved ones will have gone away.

I know people have been really poorly on here too and I apologise for not being here to support them. That is not to say said people were not in my thoughts and prayers.

I carry on, creaking and fighting pain tooth and nail. I am still addicted to maltesers and also cadbury's with oreo cookies in them. I miss the cafe, I miss offering help and support and will try my best to look in as often as I can and have a natter.

I could and should write a book, but it is late. Everyone take lots of care and speak to you very soon.

XXX Bubbles


  • ichabod6
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    Hello bubbles,

    Just to say, carry on creaking and fight the pain with tooth, nail and
    anything else that's handy. It's the right approach.
    I like maltesers and the odd slug of Jamesons whiskey; not usually
    in combination, but occasionally so.
  • barbara12
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    Hello bubbles of course I remember you...I am a great believer in talking and getting things off your chest...so I am glad you have come back..hopefully we will be able to help if only a little..
    I do wish you well for the future...you and your family ..((((())))xx
  • dachshund
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    Hello Bubbles
    yes I remember you i'm sorry you have a lot of health worries.
    take care hope we see you on here again.
    joan xx
  • bubbles
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    Hello all, thank you for not forgetting me, lovely to hear from you.

    I will indeed carry on creaking, pottering, as I used to do. I will be around later, late, as always. For now, it is nap time, I am almost horizontal now. Catch you later. Bubbles xx
  • dreamdaisy
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    Of course I remember you, it is lovely to see your name here again but I am so sorry that things have been so tough. It seems to me that some have far more than their fair share of ill-health and that certainly applies to you. Then you get those who have a minor hiccup and promptly go into meltdown. :roll:

    If anyone can battle on with courage and style then it's you but it's also OK to have a break from it all every now and again to have a sulk. Come and sulk on here because we will understand. DD
  • bubbles
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    Lol, DD, I promise not to sulk, (as far as is possible). It is family that are so poorly as well, which has been kind of non stop since last November. First one, then another, then another, all in the same family, it is terrible. Plus keeping my ageing mum going, after dads passing over two years ago. Bless her she does well really. Not that I am much use, OH has a mountain to climb with us all and does it unfailingly. I will have a nosey and pop into the cafe. It is like coming home again. XX Bubbles
  • frogmorton
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    Welcome home Bubbles :D

    you know we are all here to support one another :)


    Love and ((()))

    to you and your good old OH

    Toni xxx
  • stickywicket
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    Hello bubbles and a belated :oops: welcome back from me too. I'm sorry things have been so difficult for you.
  • bubbadog
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    Hi Bubbles, so your suffering at the moment, we all do just go day by day creaking and aching dealing with pain. You keep enjoying your Maltesers! We all have our guilty pleasures!! Remember we are all here for you. Take care. (())

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