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Son passed his driving test at second attempt,lady examiner he said he felt very relaxed with her,he's picking us up tomorrow and we are going for lunch as its his birthday,he's got a couple of lesson booked for motorway driving.

Sorry I haven't been around too much this last few days,had mammogram done five days ago and shoulders and elbows have been playing up,strange really they haven't joined in till then but feeling better now.

Daughter went to the good food show at the weekend and brought back really really smelly olives and cheeses oh is going round saying it stinks in here ,hope we don't have any visitors for a few days.Take care all. Mig


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    That is brilliant news Mig :D and I think he's very wise to have lessons for motorway driving.

    Sorry you haven't been so good recently, let's hope it was just the stretching and awkwardness of the mammogram, and it's all settled down now.

    Enjoy your lunch :D
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    That's wonderful news Mig - so pleased for him :)

    Hope you feel better soon - take good care of yourself :)

    Catie x
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    Woo hoo! Well done Master Mig!

    Mammograms are not good for arthritic shoulders. I hope you're back to normal in time to enjoy the lunch.

    As for olives and cheese - oh yes! I have an excellent method of making the smell disappear :lol:
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    Great news- well done son!!!!! :D
    Deb x
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    Mig that is brilliant news many congratulations to your son..I hope your shoulders improve very soon...xx
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    Wow! Well done to him, that is good news and I hope you have a lovely time out tomorrow. I bet he is chuffed to bits! DD
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    Congratulations to him

    and some extra 'cyber-nerves' for you. The scariest bit is when they go off on their own, in a car, no instructor!!! :shock:

    Now the smelly stuff sounds YUM :)

    On my way d055.gif


    Toni xxx