R.I.P Paul Walker

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The news of the actor Paul Walkers death over the weekend was a shocker. He was in a road traffic accident when his friends car hit a tree, there where no other cars involved in the accident.The actor was in the passenger seat while his friend was driving. He actor was aged 40 and was well known from the films 'The fast and the furious' movies, which I loved. He was working on the seventh 'Fast and the Furious' at the time of his death.


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    Very sad news , Paul Walker did such a lot for people less fortunate than himself and was apparently involved in work for his charity when the accident happened . R I P .
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    That is so sad apparently the car burst into flames..have I got it right the driver survived..he was so young...
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    Gosh :shock:

    My thoughts are with his family :(

    Toni xxx