Good thing she's worth it...

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Went to London yesterday to visit my baby GD and got caught up in 'over-running engineering works'. Turfed off what should have been a through train I waited more than an hour and a quarter in a crowd outside Cambridge station(good thing it wasn't raining) for transport to Royston, to find even more passengers, confusion etc. Finally got on a 'stop at every lamppost' train to Kings Cross which was so full it looked like the Japanese underground - fortunately I managed to bag a First Class seat, as my knees, ankles and back had just about given up by then. Eventually got to son's flat 3 hours later than I should have. Cup of tea, food, and baby giggles made everything seem much better.
Discovered that planned train back was withdrawn(no driver) so went for later one, which turned out to be too small for the normal demand let alone the backlog from the cancelled earlier train, so spent first 40 mins standing jammed against a rubbish bin being slow roasted thanks to some idiot deciding that it would be a good idea to turn the heating up to max because obviously with so many people on board it would be getting cold in the carriages.... Fortunately I could have a quiet day today because I hurt big time! One task to be completed is a delay compensation claim - 3 hours is definitely more than the 30 minutes limit!


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    Ah YES Daffy

    She WAS worth it :)

    Most definitely every minute :D

    (I do hope however that you recover soon - my step daughter and daughter both almost got stranded in Birmingham on Friday after visiting the German market :roll: If yours was London Midland they are very short of drivers :( )

    Those memories of her tiny though are priceless and so shortlived


    Toni xxx
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    Of course she's worth it, daffy, but that journey sounds horrendous - well both of them. I hope you do get compensation. Have you recovered yet?
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