Hi, I'm Helen & I have generalised osteoarthritis

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Hello everyone.

My name is Helen. I'm in my early 40s, I'm mum to 2 sons and I work full time. I was born with CDH in my right hip. It wasn't diagnosed until I was 2 years old and was treated with a frog cast and then later with a broomstick cast. Unfortunately, when the broomstick cast was put on, both of my knees were turned in. I was left like this until I was 5 years old. When the cast was removed, I was left with a half inch difference in the length in my legs, for which I was never given a lift in my shoe to correct. I started getting knee pain when I was 9, back pain in my late teens and hip pain in my early 20s.
Now, as a result, I have osteoarthritis in my neck, spine, shoulder, hips, knees, ankles, wrists & hands. It was only recently that I have been told that my arthritis is due to the treatment I received for my CDH. I now use walking sticks at home and my wheelchair when I'm out, including at work.
I would be grateful to hear from anyone who is in a similar position to me.


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    Hi Helen and welcome to the forum. That sounds like an awful catalogue of errors that resulted in your widespread OA :shock:

    We have people on here with OA in various joints. Hips and backs often seem to go together and, if you re-post on the Living With Arthritis forum, I'm sure you'll get more replies. (My own OA is due to RA.)

    I'm sorry I'm not sure what CDH stands for though a niece of mine was born with dislocated hips and was in a cast for several months as a baby.
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    Hi Helen welcome from me also, is CDH Congenital dislocation of the hip? No wonder you have such a lot to contend with that's awful. I have OA in hands and possibly in my knee, I have just had a trapeziectomy done and have a rare neurological condition so my sympathies to you living with chronic pan, as Sticky says repost this as you will get more replies, nice to meet you hope to see you around................Marie xx
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    Sorry for the late reply Helen, but welcome to the forums from me too :xmas_cheesygrin:

    It's lovely to meet you and am sure you will find the forums as helpful and supportive as I have over the years :areindeer:

    I am so sorry to hear that mis-treatment as a tiny person has caused so much pain now :(

    Take care


    Toni xxx