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Hi All,

Have looked around the forums for the last couple of days and thought it only polite to say Hi!!

Currently coming to terms with being a workaholic that didn’t have time for pain etc and just worked through it, although a good night’s sleep was a thing of the past, I seemed to be able to function on minimal sleep and have managed to mask the mobility issues I had started to have. (Tying shoelaces is a nightmare! :roll: )

Married to a fantastic wife, although she doesn’t handle people with ‘issues’ very well! (Bless her) Anyway she finally said I needed to go to my GP and has accompanied me each time. (Just to ensure she knew the truth!)

So…. To cut a long story short, this workaholic guy in mid-late forties with my wife, 4 boys, and two dogs at home has now found out life will never be the same again! I have been told I have severe OA in right hip and OA in left hip. Spine doesn’t look good and I have a sneaky suspicion that my left shoulder wants to join the party!! (Would say something at this point but have read the post about swearing in posts! :wink: )

I’m quite high up in my company and don’t really want them knowing for as long as possible as afraid they’ll see it as problematic and a weakness so that’s going to be fun. Especially as have trouble getting in and out of the car now and do ~30,000 miles a year which can be painful. :(

WOW, bit of a brain dump there but at least it’s out there now!

Take Care and probably see you around!



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    Hello Badger. It's lovely to meet you and don't worry about the 'brain dump' (I love the term). We all do it from time to time and it's one of the strengths of the forum that it gives us a 'safe space' for these things so that it's not always our poor families that are on the receiving end.

    It must have come as a nasty shock to find you had OA, possibly in several different places. Were you offered any help? Physio? Acupuncture? Pain Clinic? Unfortunately, with OA, it tends to be mostly 'managing it' with anti-inflammatories, pain relief and the above until it's time for surgery. Surgery is good. I've had both hips and knees replaced but mine came as a result of many years of RA.

    There are lots of things you can do to help yourself. Try to get a good night's sleep. That will really help you cope with the day ahead. Shoelaces? Try velcro. Or those laces that kind of do themselves. As for the car – 'dreamdaisy' on here has just bought a Picasso and can't believe how much easier it is to get in and out of and to drive because of the higher seat. There are ways round most things.

    I can't help on the work front but our Helpline people might be able to give you advice. For anything else, the forum headers are self-explanatory. I hope to see you around.
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    Hi Badger;

    Welcome to the world of former workaholics! :lol: It's a beast not being able to indulge in that addiction anymore. I still remember the first months off work; truly awful. Then, there was the realisation that my excessive work habit had likely made my problems much worse. I'm reluctantly very early retired now but somehow retain the hope of going back one day :?: however unrealistic this is.

    I resisted making life easier at first but this was a mistake; I improved much more quickly when I stopped insisting that I do things myself. I think that's key.

    Sorry about your diagnosis. I was not able to use my hands at all when I stopped work but that improved (took a good long time for me). I can tie shoes now but there was a time when it seemed I would never do this again. I have an inflammatory type of arthritis so not the same as your OA, though I've managed OA in a few joints too.

    Best wishes, and thanks for the "brain dump" term, good one!
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    Hello Badger66

    A hearty welcome to the forums from me too :) Yes it is good manners to introduce yourself :lol: I peeked a while before posting too :xmas_redface:

    So sorry about your diagnosis not good to be struck down when you were least expecting it.

    Rest as much as possible, look after yourself, eat healthily, get informed (there are loads of reliable resources here : http://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/PublicationsandResources/Arthritisbasics ). Keep talking - it helps! Here is good because families can worry about us a lot :( That's my best advice for what it's worth :areindeer:

    Hope you decide to hang around


    Toni xxx

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