Letter for M. Napoleon Bonaparte

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The French Statistics Agency has sent an annual census letter to Napoleon at his former birthplace of Ajaccio. The Telegraph reports that 'the current resident of 3 Rue Saint Charles, clearly had a sense of humour – he or she marked it 'return to sender', scrawling a note beneath the address: "Died in 1821 – please forward with a prayer to Saint Peter.'

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    one wonders if it came about because of an EU ruling not to leave anybody out!! :roll:
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    wonder what they would say if he filled it in... :madnoel:
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    someone having a laugh maybe?? :madnoel:
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    Oh Sticky so funny just read your post to OH and even he laughed and that's not normal when he is doing something else normally you get really dagger looks for disturbing him must be the season for madness :madnoel: :santa:
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