just diagnosed and feeling down :(

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Hi, I am 49, also have type 1 diabetes and just diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I have had pain in my knees after walking a distance for some months. I have also been falling over which initially the gp blamed on high blood sugar levels. After a serious fall ( embarrassingly in the street!) I got the gp to do x rays hence the diagnosis. I have worked for a high street bank for over 30 years working my way up to a regional manager which involved driving 500 miles a week and I currently struggle to drive to the local shop without screaming! The doctor signed me off for 2 weeks to rest my "clutch" leg, has prescribed naproxen and is giving me a cortisone injection in my knees. I know it's not going to go away but I just want to know if it will (or can) get less painful. I am struggling to sleep due to pain and cramp and I am really worried about my job. Sorry to sound so negative and moany. My workmates just keep saying "it's only arthritis" or "you should be glad it's not something more serious" I just want them to feel the pain- and then shut up!! Thanks for reading this, sue


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    Ah Sue

    Let us hope your colleagues never find out for themselves eh?

    Sorry First of all may I welcome you to our forums :xmas_cheesygrin: . I hope you will find them as helpful as I have over the years.

    I hope the cortisone injection will give you some relief soon (they can take some time to work) and it lasts a good while.

    There are many things you can do to help with the pain. With OA heat often helps, wheatbags/heat patches (available in most supermarkets). The naproxen is a good start and the GP may suggest extra pain relief too in future. Some folks find a tens machine helpful?

    If sleeping is hard some people are prescribed medication to relax the muscles and help you get some rest.

    Treatment options include anti-inflammatories such as naproxen and painkillers like paracetamol (and too many stronger ones to list), physio, cortisone jabs and finally surgical options.

    I am sorry about your diagnosis, but you HAVE found the right place here and the right people too :wink:


    Toni xx
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    Welcome from me too, Sue. I think frogmorton's covered most bases (She's good :areindeer: ) so I'll just say welcome on board and have you had a look at Arthritis Care's booklets (top of page button) or thought of ringing the Helplines for a chat? It can help and they are very understanding.
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    Hello Sue and welcome from me
    I see that Toni has covered quite a lot, but you can post in Living with Arthritis...any questions or worry's..not sure if the pain gets less but it seems to when you get used to it...I do hope the injections work for you.
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    Just empathising. I am recently diagnosed, too, and struggling as well with people's responses
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    Welcome to the forum Sue
    I think everything has been covered except the one thing that popped into my mind. OK its for the future probably.
    What about an automatic car if its your clutch leg?
    I'm 4 weeks post op THR and not allowed to drive and I'm absolutely lost but I know I will be able to drive in a few weeks time. My mobility isn't great so I rely on my car. {and other things as well}
    Just a thought

    Hileena :D