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Has anyone been told their child's platelets count is low as a result of taking mtx? Thats what I've been told after 4 doses but not low enough to stop medicatition. They wanted me to give her mtx this week and then repeat bloods but because bloods were so difficult last week we are now repeating bloods after 2 weeks. I believe platelets can effect clotting. Has anyone had to stop mtx for this reason and if so for how long?



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    I take methotrexate but haven't had this problem though I believe it's not uncommon. You might get some replies if you post on LWA but it's quiet right now. They are monitoring your little lass well. It's possible to stop meth for several weeks without feeling too much difference. I've done it before operations. I hope you can find some peace of mind and all have a lovely Christmas.
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    hi bethliz
    Platelets are the cells that help the blood to clot,
    and can be elevated in active disease due to inflammation.
    a low platelets count can occue as a side effect of drugs treatment.
    i havent had that trouble as yet,but had to stop taking my first damard
    (Sulfasalazine) after 4 weeks it droped my white blood count down to danger level.
    Platelets levels in male 18 to 65 are 150 to 400.
    do hope it works out for your little one, and the doctors will keep a
    close eye on her.
    mike25 merry xmas :noel: