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Is Ibugel available without a doctors prescription.


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    From what I read on the net Ibugel is available in two strengths. 5% and 10%. The 5% strength can be bought over the counter or prescribed on NHS prescription whereas the stronger preparation can only be supplied on prescription.

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    Hi - please see Helplines response under TENS machine
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    You can certainly buy Ibuprofen gel over the counter. Also Voltarol 12hour gel, whic his a different drug (Diclofenac) - I've found it really useful
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    I take anti inflammatorys so for me I use "pernaton" and find it good.......hasn't got the ibroprufen or Diclofenic drug in it so I'm not overdosing. :wink:
    Personally I find {if not taking naproxen or another one} Diclofenic is the best for me
    That is just my experience........not a medical one :wink:


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