Happy Christmas Everyone!

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One of things I do to 'live with arthur' is go to a Creative Writing Class. I really don't do poetry but I was challenged to write a festive ditty so I thought I would torture you all with it....Happy Christmas to all of you:
Santa's Late

The little bear opened his eyes and stretched
He anticipated the great gifts to fetch
He excitedly looked around this way and that
And hoped to see Santa's white and red hat

The Fairy exclaimed 'Oh my goodness he is late'
The Elf shook his bells as he stood on the crate
Fear and horror swept through the room
And the Christmas Team was soon filled with doom

A meeting was called 'What should we do?'
'How will the presents come through?'
The creatures gathered to plan
The season may yet go down the pan!

Never fear, we may trust in the man dressed in red :santa:
Let's hope no one stirs from their bed
All breath was held as the world thought 'will all be well below?'
But no worries, he was ready to start with a big Ho, Ho, HO!


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    Tubbu that is brilliant..must be so relaxing .....I used to love writing poetry...but not done any for many years...you have a good Christmas.... :presents1:
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    Thank you Tubby
    you have a lovely Christmas as well and a good 2014 with no more pain. take care.
    joan xx
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    Thank you both and I wish you both as pain free a 2014 as possible
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    Happy Christmas! :candycane: x
  • Tubby
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    And a very Happy (and pain free) New Year to you kittkat

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